Do you have a month left at the end of the salary? Mini-credits are the springboard to July that you need

Three days for the end of the month can be a world if an unforeseen has disorganized the expenses we had planned to arrive in July with money in our account. In addition, we know that there are setbacks that always appear at the most inopportune moment: a car repair, an exorbitant bill of air conditioning or a visit to the dentist of maximum urgency. If we did not count on it, the mini-credits can help us reach July without jeopardizing our financial solvency.

 With minicréditos forget about counting days

Do you have a month left at the end of the salary? Mini-credits are the springboard to July that you need

If the month of June is becoming eternal between the wait for the holidays and the expenses that we have accumulated, with the mini online loans you will not have to suffer seeing the pages of the calendar go by. End of month is not a good time to have a scare in our account. In the market, there is a wide variety of products that will allow us to get a small amount if we see that we have a tight budget to survive these last days to receive our income.

However, although minicréditos are really useful products, they also carry a risk if they are not used properly. These products must be used as a punctual way to get small amounts of money, therefore they will be a risk if we resort to them to pay recurring expenses. Also, they are not especially cheap. The average cost of mini online loans is 1.1% per day, which means that we will add 33 euros in interest for every 100 requested and that we will return within a month.

Mini online loans are obtained in minutes

Mini online loans are obtained in minutes

One of the characteristics of the unforeseen events that can affect our economy is that they require an immediate response that allows them to be solved in a short time. Mini online loans are requested in minutes, so they are financial products that will help us to have the money we need quickly. They are also requested from any device with an Internet connection.

The current financial market situation is an opportunity in terms of mini-credits. Since a few years ago, more and more companies are lending money, so the competition that exists has allowed us to access promotions if we are new customers.

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The cold that anesthetizes your conscience

Divide your head in as many cells as you want and fill them in categories: your fears in one cell, love in another, empathy in another, selfishness in another, your capacity for abstraction in another and so on until you complete what you think you are , your essence, your experience, or whatever you want to call it. It also associates each cell with people or groups of people: You and yours in the cell of friendship, your partner and your family in the love cell, the fans of the rival team or the political parties opposed to your ideology in the Hate cell, etc. Now cover the walls of each cell with insulating material so that cold or noise can not pass from one cell to another. You can also reinforce each wall with blades, as in the border of Melilla. It is convenient to ensure that the bully of your class in the cell of fears does not sneak into the cell of forgiveness, for example. Or if he manages to jump, he bleeds and perishes in the attempt.

Finally, be sure to line and lock each cell, especially the two smallest cells, that of love and empathy, before opening any newspaper, or turning on the TV, or going out on the street.

Then take a taxi, ask the taxi driver to turn up the heating and observe placid the world around you. To avoid feeling involved in other lives, use your cell system: put everyone in the appropriate cell and immediately lock it with a key. Observe the homeless person lying on the floor, asking for crumbs that have died of cold, and drag him to your SPAM cell. And neglect: if you try to escape to the cell of consciousness, there will be blades, and drones, and an army of snipers waiting for you.

The good news is that thanks to this method, among many other advantages, you can continue to vote without remorse to the party that helped to increase poverty and exclusion in Spain while favoring the powerful that you are not but yearn to be. And you will continue to sleep at night like a child as long as no one forces your cell of love or friendship. With the key that guards your head safely.


Tender to nostalgia

Tender to nostalgia

Before redoing your life, ask yourself if your life was ever made, if you came to settle for the job, if you came to say: here I am. You married Ana two years ago, and two years ago you thought yes, that Ana was your world and that the rest of the worlds did not exist. Everyone marries convinced that the future will be an eternal continuous present; a sum of plans and adornments revolving around the same epicenter. Ana was the nucleus of that world, and all your thoughts, your illusions, gravitated around her. But time passed untimely among you and, in those cases, when the routine weighs less than love and goes afloat and taints the sea of ​​good intentions, peace leaps from the vowel and becomes an intoxicated fish.

Your peace became that fish. And you let yourself be carried away by the tide until you die by biting the hook that your lawyer threw at you. The corals and the wrecks and the treasure, for her. For you, the shore where the waves break and goodbye.

After that, to sail all its seas to end up like a castaway in no-man’s land, as soon as you left the office (or spite) of your lawyer, you took my taxi. When closing the door the thread that joined you to your fishing rod was cut and you told me your story as if trying to get the hook out of the sky from your mouth. I tried to encourage you and I told you that those wounds on the palate are cured soon thanks to the healing power of the saliva. Although I also warned you: “Do not forget that the seas evaporate, they condense, and the rain will come and you will think about it. And you’ll also find his face in the shape of the clouds. ” That’s why I advised you to avoid looking at the sky and to carry, for now, always with you an umbrella. And that you avoid the salt foods. And instead of tending to nostalgia, you would have nostalgia on a string, with tweezers, until it dries or comes out from inside you.

I changed my taxi for a new one and also the taximeter. Now it is integrated in the rear view mirror: when it is activated, the rate is overexposed in the mirror, which has meant a radical change in my way of reading and understanding the views of the users.

It is strange to frame a face in the mirror and to observe with its eyes an amount in euros that increases as the taxi advances. Sometimes it gives the impression that the amount receivable jumps five by five cents depending on the frequency of the blinking, or the intensity of the look.

And then they, the users, avoid more than before looking me in the eye through the mirror, maybe because they run into the price of their words; a wall that takes them away from any altruistic conversation between two strangers. I installed this taximeter because it will soon be mandatory by European regulations.

It’s the world they want. In Europe. Make believe that everything has a price.

Sometimes it is convenient to slow down and take distance. Even if you are the first in the World Cup race, a few meters from the finish line: take a step back, brake in the dry and let the rest go ahead. At first the public and the other competitors will think that the engine failed you, that’s how simple the white man is. Then, when I see you leave your car with the sole intention of throwing yourself on the ground and playing with the ants, you will think that you have gone crazy. In any case, the second player will win the grand prize, but you will feel free: you could choose to win. That’s enough for you.

A couple of weeks ago I participated in a poker machine with a user. He simply got into my taxi, told me that some friends were waiting for him to play poker, and when he saw that I understood the matter, he offered to participate. So I parked the taxi at its destination and we went into the back room of a bar together. There were five of us in total (and two bottles of Jack Daniel’s).

The bets started loose, but little by little things got warmer. In the last hand we were two: my rival began to raise his bet and I to raise even more his. My cards were bad (couple of ladies), however I enrolled in hide my bluff betting very strong with the sole intention that he surrendered. And in the end he did not give up. The bet was out of hand and reached a sum that I could not pay, but there was something in me that pushed me to keep betting: maybe my desire to hit bottom and start from scratch, or prove to myself that this world, that my world was finished.

We flipped our cards on the mat and theirs left me in one piece: he also went bluffing and my ladies ended up winning their pair of sevens.

And thanks to that stroke of luck, the biggest and strangest of my life, I bought a new taxi. Although after that, as I’ve already told you, came the theft in my house, my girlfriend pillaging me with another and moving alone to a bad pension.

Up and down, in short. Life.

Put a price on your freedom

Put a price on your freedom

Imagine that your girlfriend, in a boot of horns, changes the lock of your own house and does not let you in, not even to pick up some clothes or your toothbrush. Imagine that, in addition, you left the credit cards on the nightstand and you only carry thirty euros and the keys of a taxi with hardly any fuel. You will have to think about how to do it to eat, sleep and wash for an undetermined time, at least until the matter is clarified. For now, you will throw fifteen euros of diesel oil and plant your taxi at the first stop you find with the intention of maximizing consumption.

You wait at the stop for forty minutes and a woman mounts. Tells you a short trip, just € 5.50 with tip. Then, at the next stop, you have more luck and in less than half an hour you get another race of € 9.70. Thus, in just over six hours from stop to stop, you get a total of € 64. In metalic. Today you do not support VISA.

Navigating with the mobile you find a shabby pension in the center for € 35 a night and there you go. You tell the receptionist (a bald, yellowish guy with a cirrhotic appearance) that you do not know how many days you’re going to stay. Anyway, you add, you’ll pay him a day. The man accompanies you to your new room (an old room with a small bed, a closet, a desk with its wooden chair, and a cheap TV hanging on the wall) and you install with the clothes: no extra clothes and a briefcase with your laptop and 3G connection. Then you go down to the corner Chinese where you buy a beer yonkilata and a couple of sandwiches.

After eating in the same room you open the laptop and start writing this post (the chair is uncomfortable, the desk limps). In a recess you lie down in bed and you think you might end up getting used to this: to live with nothing, only what you will take out of your taxi every day. Maybe tomorrow, with what I got from the collection after eating and paying the pension, you could buy a couple of changes and a toothbrush to get through. In fact, as you go deeper into it, you begin to notice certain airs of freedom blowing on the nape of your neck. It’s been a while since you’ve felt this. You had to stay homeless, without a girlfriend, without money, without clothes, you had to stay with only your taxi and your laptop to realize it.

Now you know that survival, day by day, does not leave the precise space to miss anything. Not even her, your girlfriend. Sorry: your ex.

The footprint of the crime

The footprint of the crime

Yesterday they entered the house to rob me, as I told you. But it did not stop there. After calling 091 (and the locksmith to open the barred door), entering the house and finding everything destroyed, the police arrived to take fingerprints. Then I went to the police station to formalize the complaint and I went back home, with my girlfriend, thinking that everything was over at last!

Big mistake. Barely 24 hours later they called me from the police station. They had found a different footprint than ours, and they wanted us to come with the intention of checking with their files if we knew the person in question. I immediately went in my taxi to find my girlfriend at work, and we went to the police station.

The commissioner was waiting for us. We went to his office, typed some codes on his computer and at the touch of INTRO a picture appeared on the screen that left me pale: It was Laura, a user of my taxi with whom, let’s say, I had an adventure just a week ago.

It was an unforgivable slip, I admit it. That Laura had ridden in my taxi, she began to tell me that she had just broken up with her boyfriend, that she needed revenge and freedom, and one thing led to the other … and my bad head, the one below, was carried away by his insinuations , and taking advantage of the fact that my girlfriend was at work, we ended up in my house.

Never would have thought, finally, that this unfortunate story was uncovered in that way, in a police station, but it was. Although the really strange thing came after: the fact is that before I could react and invent a convincing excuse or collapse and confess the facts, my girlfriend, with serious tone, told the Commissioner:

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The Eurogroup says the rescue is on track and asks the government to continue with the reforms




The German member of the executive committee of the ECB, Jörg Asmussen, laughs together with the Spanish Minister of Economy, Luis de Guindos, during the meeting of finance ministers of the Eurogroup. Olivier Hoslet / EFE

The eurozone economy ministers have said Monday that the bank rescue for Spain is “on the right track” and have left for the autumn the debate on the end of the program, although they have asked the Government of Mariano Rajoy to keep the pace of the reforms .

“We have celebrated that the program keeps going on the right track”, said the president of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, at the end of the meeting. ” Spain has complied so far the conditions of the program and respected all deadlines,” he stressed. “We have invited the Spanish authorities to maintain the reformist impulse”, explained Dijsselbloem. “We have not discussed the end of the program or what happens next, the next revision is in September, so that may be a good time to look forward,” he said.

The vice president of the Commission and responsible for Economic Affairs, Olli Rehn, has insisted that the Spanish bank rescue “is on the right track” and “has already helped to improve the situation of the banking sector.” “The Spanish banking sector is recovering health and resistance It is very important for Spain’s economic recovery that the banking sector reform program be successful and that the repair of the banking sector be completed soon,” said Rehn.


In his opinion, the success of the bank rescue “is a necessary condition for credit to flow to businesses and households .” “I have stressed the importance of the effective application of the program in all its aspects to ensure financial stability and recovery in Spain,” said the vice president.

The Eurogroup has discussed the results of the third evaluation report on the Spanish bailout prepared by the Troika inspectors who visited Madrid at the end of May. The report calls on the Spanish government to maintain a reinforced surveillance over the financial sector considering that risks still persist due to the bad economic situation and the fall of the real estate sector. The final text will be published this Wednesday.

The Minister of Economy, Luis de Guindos, has celebrated that the report of the troika certifies that all the conditions have been fulfilled and that ” the Spanish banking sector does not need more capital “. However, Guindos has avoided pronouncing on the exit options when the program ends. “It expires at the beginning of the month of January, at the beginning of next year, and there it expires, there it finishes”, it has limited itself to indicate to the being asked if Spain will be freed then of the supervision of the troika.

Draghi sees the recovery towards the end of the year

The president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, has said that he sees the economic recovery in the European Union at the end of this year and 2014 thanks, among other measures, to the monetary policies adopted and the improvement in the financial markets.

Draghi has launched this message in his appearance before the Economic Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, in which he acknowledged that ” fundamental challenges ” still persist and that the state of the economy “remains weak”.

The ECB president has also said that in the last quarters the European economy has contracted and that labor market conditions “are still weak”, but noted that confidence indicators “show some improvements”. “In general, the activity of the European economic area should stabilize and recover throughout the year, albeit at a slow pace,” he said.

Among the pending challenges , he has cited “an economic fragmentation that challenges the single market” and in that sense, “the difficulties that SMEs face in accessing credit, especially in countries with difficulties”. “In Spain, for example, the interest rate for small loans is almost 2.3 percentage points higher than that of loans for large companies, while in France the difference is 1%,” he said.

Personal Loan For Credit Score – Loans For You In Tough Times

“Car title loans” are one of those options for together with poor money. These loans are hooked up correctly for any who have credit that her bank may view as less-than-desirable. title loans are secured on your vehicle. These loans are facilitated much faster and are by easier to obtain than standard loans.

In such situation, you can get payday and installment loans online by GreenTouch. Through No Credit assessment Loans, you can avail funds without pledging any collateral against the borrowed equity loan. Lenders do not interfere in the usage. Feel free to use the borrowed loan to meet various needs such as for paying school fees, medical expenses, sudden car repair, home rent, grocery bills and plastic dues and also the.

The trick here can be always to make a questionnaire in regarding way that the application will be ACCEPTED. Is that possible? It sure is possible, together with highly specialized loan program called My Miracle monetary. My Miracle loans is a topic. Known loan program provides you the best-guaranteed computer financing bad credit, without collateral, any kind of credit check and very quickly.

Fax less cash until next payday are costless from the faxing requirements. This thing can be understood well from the above title also. All of the loans you can purchase might not necessarily easy to possess as to be able to this money. These loans don’t require you any kind of faxing yet another such allied paperwork requirements. This relaxes the borrowers to some extent while applying for these credit cards.

If you decide to work with a buy here pay here dealer, you will be capable of start building your credit back up again. This chance to end up being all desire to invest in your score back to where these types of being, and maintaining payments on your loan likewise give that you merely chance to be back to that dealership on the inside future. Really should know a person may require paying an increased interest rate to be successful in a no credit check computer financing program that might if you went down a traditional lending course. That is a simple price payout for the loan you build though.

Bad credit loans charge a high rate of curiosity. To pick out an affordable deal, could possibly search for your lender’s over-the-counter internet and compare their price insurance quotes. You can choose the one is actually charging the lowest rate of interest. You can also check their terms and types of conditions.

If you are going get in touch with the prospective lenders by phone, is considered the set up a time to meet easily. Do not give any details on the nuances of the negotiating. Express to them the protection of mortgage loan and then try to obtain face-to-face these people as soon as likely.

There just isn’t any simple method bad credit computer financing no money down, and anyone that tells you differently is likely to be just promoting you snake oil. Persistence and excellent income management are the only critical for getting back on financial track.

Many employers are doing an employment background to evaluate people before they are given a position today. Because so many different tend to be found using a person’s history, many employers do this to avoid hiring those people who are not an incredible fit for that company. Aid them using retention rate as well on workers’.

As tailor-made get these personal loans, everybody is saying that “I need a loan with bad credit”. Credit are lower are friendly and can be paid by the borrower in installments per month. You should keep in mind that you also actually get hold of the charge. It also depends on the lender whether delivers the option of overpayments or one-time payment payments. Per month can get these unsecured loans with monthly unsecured payments and all of them to clear any other debts and can invest in some business to ease the financial problems.

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Day trading Commodity Markets

Repayment is done through the issuance of post-dated inspections by the borrower to the loan provider. Borrowers as usually inquired to date the checks on the payday loans or the day right after. This assures the lender that they can be able to get their money back along with interest. This method offers all of the protection even if the borrower provides bad credit.

One thing great about trading commodity futures contracts on margin is the fact that you’re not borrowing the money from the brokerage, as you are when you purchase stocks on margins. Consequently, you don’t have to pay any curiosity.

FOREX traders generally require a broker to handle dealings. Most brokers are trustworthy and are associated with significant banking institutions such as banks.

Check their account of regulatory quick easy payday loan bodies. This will likely give you some protection regarding the company’s failure. Keep in mind that this regulator will depend on the country wherein the company is registered. The principal US regulators are the commodities futures trading Commission (CFTC) and the Nationwide Futures Association (NFA). Overseas brokers will not be registered with these but will have other options. Check precisely what those are and what defense they give you.

One of this kind of tools is having a good Fx broker. You need an online broker; an excellent institution which will provide essential and up to date information about the marketplace to Forex trader and provide his orders to Currency markets. A Forex broker can be a person or a group of people. They can be found in a real workplace or on the Internet.

I’m convinced all commodity futures prices are merely live organisms which experts claim whatever they need in rotator to beat up every player they can. The e-mini coins market has smart techniques to beat up the trend fans, the break-out guys along with the counter-trend traders. It will perhaps even take out a few different types of dealers at the same time.

Maybe you naturally like to create occasional decisions and then relax for days and weeks each time to watch a futures business develop. Maybe you can handle marketplaces going against you regarding long periods of time. If so, perhaps you are usually better suited for longer-term item trading.

Before you decide to enter the world of Forex currency trading, you need to go over these aspects and see to direct lenders for bad credit payday loans it that you will be in a position to tackle these in your pursuit of a good broker.