What are the Required Documents in Consumer Loan Applications?

The applications made to banks together with the required documents are taken into consideration when applying for consumer loans. If any of these documents requested by the bank is missing, two ways are preferred by the banks:

  • Submission of the missing document request to the applicant
  • Direct rejection response to the application for consumer loan

Reduces the possibility of approval of consumer loan


In both cases, it is important to deliver the relevant documents to the bank branches in a complete and requested manner in order not to fall into this situation, which reduces the possibility of approval of consumer loan applications made due to the urgent cash needs and prolongs the time to reach the required cash. Although it varies according to each bank, in general applications for general purpose loans;

  • Copy of identity card,
  • Electricity, natural gas, water, etc. arranged for the applicant. Examples of bills,
  • Document showing income status,
  • SGK Service Dump,
  • Guarantee or mortgage documents

It is requested. We have brought together the documents requested by the banks that offer you the most favorable interest loan so that you can submit your general-purpose loan application without any deficiency in the relevant documents requested by each bank. You can find out which documents you need to obtain in order to use suitable interest loans from the specified banks.

Honest Bank Consumer Loan Application?


A general-purpose loan up to 100.000 USD can be used from Honest Bank with a 60-month maturity and 1.59% interest rate. For the use of general-purpose loans in the specified conditions, Honest Bank;

  • Branches,
  • Website,
  • Mobile and internet branch,
  • ATMs,
  • Call Center on 0850 220 00 00

You can use it. The documents required for the loan are requested by Honest Bank as follows:

  • Consumer Loan Application Form,
  • Copy of identity card with TR ID number written on it,
  • Document showing the applicant’s monthly income,
  • If the branch deems necessary, collateral, mortgage, etc. instruments

If your credit rating and other features are deemed sufficient by Honest Bank, consumer loan applications made with the relevant documents are approved in a short time.

Good Finance Consumer Loan Application?


You can apply for Good Finance for your loan needs with a maturity option of 3 to 60 months with an interest rate of 1.55%. To apply for a general-purpose loan from Good Finance;

  • Bank branches,
  • Good Finance mobile and internet branch

The documents required for the loan required for the applications you will use will be deemed to have been completed after delivery to Good Finance branches. The related documents are shared with you below:

  • Original and photocopy of the license or identity card,
  • SGK Service Dump,
  • Payroll, salary letter, etc. showing monthly income. certified document,
  • Signature circular of officials signed in the document showing the income status,
  • If necessary, collateral and mortgage documents

Cooperative Bank Consumer Loan Application?

In order to meet your individual needs up to 10,000 USD, you can apply for Cooperative Bank Consumer Loan, which is offered with 36-month maturity and an interest rate of 1.84%. For reference

  • Cooperative Bank branches,
  • Cooperative Bank website,
  • Cooperative Bank Mobile and internet branch

Using it, you can submit the credit application you need. The documents required for the loan you want to use are provided by Cooperative Bank ;

  • Document showing monthly income,
  • TR identity number is written ID copy,
  • SGK Service Dump,
  • Additional income documents

It is requested. You can complete your application loan application by submitting the relevant documents to the Cooperative Bank branch.

Thrift Bank Bank Consumer Loan Application?


You can choose Thrift Bank Bank for loan applications up to 20,000 USD and 36 months term with an interest rate of 1.96%. For applications, Thrift Bank Bank;

It may be used. Thrift Bank Bank aims to meet many needs by determining the upper limit of consumer loans as 100,000 USD. The completion of the application will be realized by submitting the documents required for the loan to Thrift Bank Bank;

  • TR identity number is written identity document,
  • Document showing monthly income

What are the Conditions of Tradesman Loan Application?

Applying for a tradesman loan is possible for every tradesman who complies with the conditions. Thanks to the financial supports and campaigns offered by banks, it is possible for tradesmen to receive support for their business-related expenses. All tradesmen who are included in the SME definition and operate legally with a tax plate can apply for tradesmen loans.

Documents Required for Tradesman Credit Usage

Documents Required for Tradesman Credit Usage

The documents required for the tradesmen loan are more than the documents required for the personal loans. The reason for this can be said to have more measurement dimensions than individual loans in measuring the financial status of the business. The documents requested from the applicants who want to use SME and tradesmen loans are listed as follows;

  • Photocopies of the identity cards of the business partners applied for
  • Signature circular of the applicants
  • Workplace tax plate
  • Trade registry newspaper establishment and latest newspapers are requested.
  • Chamber of commerce registration document
  • At least the last two years’ balance sheet and income statement
  • Partners and company assets are required (if any). For example, a copy of title deed or vehicle license can be given.

How to Calculate Tradesman Loans?

How to Calculate Tradesman Loans?

You can use the calculation tool services offered by banks on the official websites for tradesmen loan calculations . Of course, the calculations you make using these tools on official websites are made at the lowest interest rate. Interest rates may vary due to reasons such as the applicant or the status of the credit rating. Another alternative for loan calculation is to go to bank branches and meet customer advisors face to face.

What Are The Interest Rates For Tradesmen Loan?

What Are The Interest Rates For Tradesmen Loan?

Tradesman loan interest rates are presented differently at each bank in 2019 . Interest rates may vary depending on the period in which the loan request is made, as well as according to the campaigns offered by banks. Currently, bank offers interest rates starting from 2.26%, while other bank offers interest rates starting from 2.66%. While the interest rates are moving, it would be beneficial for tradesmen who want to take credit to evaluate all options and do a good research.

You can get the tradesman loan with maturities of up to 48 months, as well as a monthly or quarterly repayment option. You can apply for this loan with interest rates starting from 7% up to 200 thousand dollars. You can not benefit from interest-free trades loans.

Good Finance Loan Application via SMS

In order to apply for credit by Good Finance SMS, 4425 SMS should be sent. Good Finance loan application is made only for consumer loans by SMS.

The maximum limit to which a loan application can be made via Good Finance SMS is 20 thousand USD. Offering up to 60 months of maturity options in its loans, Good Finance provides a maturity of up to 36 months for applications made via SMS.

If the loan type you want to apply, the credit limit and the maturity period are different, you can use Good Finance other communication channels for your loan application.

Good Finance Loan Application

Good Finance Loan Application

The channels to which you can apply for Good Finance loans are not limited to Good Finance SMS. Other communication channels and ways to apply from the bank are as follows:

  • Good Finance Web Kredi: You can make Good Finance consumer loan applications through the website. There is no condition to be a Good Finance customer to apply through the Bank’s website.
  • Credit Express Line: When you apply with the “Credit Express Line” link on the Good Finance website, credit specialists call you and answer all your credit-related questions. Your loan application also answers your phone call.
  • Good Finance Internet Banking: Good Finance customers can apply for Good Finance loans by logging into internet banking.
  • Good Finance Mobile Banking: You can also apply for a loan from Good Finance mobile banking.
  • Good Finance Branches: You can make all Good Finance loan applications by visiting Good Finance branches.
  • Good Finance Telephone Branch: You can get information and apply for credits at any time of the day by calling the contact number at 444 25 25.

We recommend you to read our article on Credit Application by SMS?


Good Finance consumer loan can be granted for any need. Good Finance is the only loan option that can apply for a loan via SMS. The general characteristics of the loan are as follows:

  • There is a 60-month maturity opportunity.
  • Low-interest rates are offered.
  • There is no need for limitation. It can be withdrawn for any kind of loan.
  • There is an option to apply from all communication channels.
  • It is given to people who are over the age of 18 and have a high credit rating.
  • For applications over 20.000 USD, you have to go to Good Finance branches.

Good Finance Consumer Loan Calculator


Good Finance consumer loan calculations can be made on the website. If a loan application will be made with Good Finance SMS, you can also call the phone branch and make all calculations. An example of a loan application is as follows:

  • When the 20.000 USD loan is taken with a 24-month maturity, there is an interest rate of 1.29%. The monthly installment amount to be paid is 1.005 USD.
  • When the 20.000 USD loan is taken with a 60-month maturity, the interest rate determined by the bank becomes 1.13%. In this case, the monthly installment amount to be paid is 490 USD.

Do you need 40,000 USD right away? Discover the loan with the lowest installment.

Small loans of small amounts have now become in great demand, testifying to how much consumer habits have changed during these years of financial crisis. If before, in fact, the customer turned to credit institutions or financial agencies to meet needs such as the purchase of the car, the renovation of the property or medical expenses of a certain entity, today we are increasingly in the need to request small amounts to meet primary daily needs: for these amounts it is certainly convenient to contact banks or online financial companies to speed up disbursement times and in most cases also the costs of financing.

The speech inevitably becomes more complicated if you want a higher figure than the maximum one governed by the consumer credit regulation (set at 30 thousand USD), as in the case of a loan of 40,000 USD. For these figures, obtaining a free loan estimate using the web, to get a clear idea of ​​the installment to be paid, becomes a little more complex.

We analyze below the possible ways to take.

Comparator sites: how to get a free quote

Comparator sites: how to get a free quote

The comparator sites are very useful in order to find the loan that provides the lowest installment, since they greatly facilitate the research phases and above all allow you to simultaneously compare the solutions that the various Credit Institutions offer, giving the possibility to have a complete overview of the ‘instant.

In order to obtain a free estimate, simply enter the data that is requested and fill in all the fields of the forms that are found: amount requested, duration of the loan, income capacity, purpose of the financing, contact information and personal data, such as the year of birth, the type of employment and the presence of other outstanding loans.

Once the information has been entered, a summary screen will present all the loans that correspond to the search criteria that have been provided. The list will be in ascending order and will show information on the lending institution, the interest rate applied and the amount of the monthly installment.

Specific simulator sites

Specific simulator sites

On the websites of the various financial institutions, on the other hand, it is possible to obtain a real-time simulation linked, however, to the conditions offered by that specific credit institution, in order to assess the sustainability of the monthly installment to be obtained.

Among the most effective and immediate simulator sites we can report Lite Lender: very easy and intuitive to use. It is enough, in fact, to enter the purpose of the loan, the amount and the monthly installment that can be incurred to obtain in a few seconds a free estimate that will indicate the duration of the loan based on the reported installment (which however does not reach 120 installments), but with a maximum amount that can be requested up to $ 60,000. You can save the quote or, if necessary, send the request directly online, chosen on the basis of the most convenient installment to be reimbursed.

Many financial companies, on the other hand, allow the online installment to be calculated only up to $ 30,000, such as Spin Lender loans.

3 Alternatives to the loan with assignment of the fifth for protested persons.


Banks is moving towards

Banks is moving towards

Until recently, the inscription of one’s name on the blacklist of protested subjects was synonymous with total foreclosure to any type of new economic credit. Fortunately, the rigidity of the banks is moving towards more flexible territories, a symptom that the possibility of making loan requests also exists for this type of customer.

The main form of financing for protests is the transfer of the fifth: in many cases, however, loan applicants are not accustomed to making their personal economic situation known to their employer, and prefer to opt for other types of new liquidity disbursement. In other situations, on the other hand, the criteria for access to credit, such as the period of working seniority, are not met and therefore the transfer of the fifth of the salary cannot be implemented.

The 3 practical tips

The 3 practical tips

How, then, is it possible for this type of subject to obtain a loan without the transfer of the fifth? Thanks to 3 practical tips everything can be solved in the best way.

  1. Choose the loan changed

    It is one of the simplest forms of personal loan for protests. Indeed, the applicants, by signing bills of exchange as collateral, can repay, both in the short and long term, the residual debt granted by the institution. Furthermore, the changed loan represents an ideal solution even for those who do not have a paycheck. The repayment of the debt is always amortized at a fixed rate, with paper effects at a constant amount.

  2. Get a proxy loan

    If the relationship with the employer is positive, a protested party can obtain a proxy loan, as an advance on his salary, for an amount that can go up to 40% of the monthly salary. Unlike the assignment of the fifth, which cannot in any way exceed 20%, with the loan delegation the sums required can be considerably greater. For this reason, this form of financing is ideal for those who need to obtain large sums on short notice.

  3. Present an economically sound guarantor

    There is still a way for the protested parties to get a loan without having to resort to the assignment of the fifth of the salary. The solution is called the guarantor: in fact, the banking and financial institutions are highly motivated in providing a loan to those who present solid economic positions to guarantee the debt. A factor, therefore, that of the guarantor which represents the solution closest to the characteristics of those who are unfamiliar with bills and at the same time, do not want to involve their employer in private economic matters.


Online loans for ministerial employees with special terms.

Ministerial employees, as well as other state employees, both public and non-public, are entitled to financial loans or assignments of one-fifth of the salary on particular conditions, sometimes rather advantageous. Let’s see what they consist of.

What concessions?

What concessions?

The first thing to consider is the spectrum of benefits that can be obtained, which usually guarantee an advantageous rate. In fact, the benefit can also concern:

  • the absence of ancillary costs (such as stamp duty on communications and the costs of practical management or preliminary investigation);
  • the possibility of obtaining higher amounts than those which would be addressed to subjects that do not fall within the agreements, conventions or only to the same privileged category in the treatment.

For ministerial employees the same loans reserved for civil servants

For ministerial employees the same loans reserved for civil servants

Loans dedicated to ministerial employees can be included in the wide range of public sector loans, but they can also count on ad hoc products, the result of specific agreements. In fact, ministerial employees, as workers employed by one of the Ministries of the Government of the Italian Republic, are in all respects part of the ranks of state and public workers. For example, the products provided by Social Institute (National Social Security Institute) with ex Government Agency loans (provided that they are also enrolled in the Unitary Management, which we remind you of, are an optional and not mandatory type of membership). There are also those resulting from specific agreements with some banking institutions.

The assignment of the fifth is one of the forms of financing with advantageous rates, with the possibility of access also to protests and bad payers. 

How to choose?

How to choose?

Loans to ministerial employees can also be assessed through a quote with the tools made available by Social Institute through a simulation based on the insertion of simple data such as date of birth and net salary (see the info on the website www.Social Institute. it) or by contacting banks that offer specially dedicated products, especially if they are signatories of some dedicated agreement.

We remind you that the conventions often have a territorial character, therefore to know the existence of particular concessions it is necessary to search on the CRAAL website of reference or inside the intranet if present.

Examples of bank loans for ministerial employees

The loan made available by Across Lender, called the Across Lender Public Employees Loan, offers a financing solution specifically dedicated to pensioners and civil servants. A flexible loan given the possibility of using the Reload option, to obtain new liquidity or the Flexi to delay the payment of one or more installments.

To this first proposal is added the transfer of the fifth which grants up to a maximum of 104 thousand USD (in case of delegation of payment for the affiliated institutions) with repayment in installments of up to 120 months and no obligation to open a bank account in Across Lender.

What has just been described cannot be found in many other credit institutions belonging to the same banking group, as in the case of Lite Lender Company. The Cream bank also finances loan projects online, with zero commissions and stamp duty. Having said this, Lite Lender Company does not reserve special conditions for ministerial employees, unless there are specific internal agreements (which must be consulted through the internal information media).

How to apply for a loan for protest: practical guide.

In Italy there are no laws that preclude the possibility of being able to apply for loans if you are protesting , even in the case of self-employed persons, who also have the disadvantage of being without a paycheck. Instead, the fact of accessing the application process with guarantor or without guarantor can make a big difference on the feasibility and processability of the loan application. Furthermore, there is a big difference also according to whether you fall among the bad payers or the protesters, especially when you approach some specific types of financing.

Black list and protest register: consequences and limitations

Black list and protest register: consequences and limitations

As already mentioned, being included in the black list of bad payers or protested subjects is not, in itself, a constraint to be able to apply for and obtain a loan (see also Protest of the promissory note ). In reality, however, when you fall into the categories of bad payers or automatically protested you are judged as unreliable, and therefore obtaining “credit” and trust is a much more complicated undertaking.

There are, however, some types of financing specifically designed for the needs of this type of customer or which are at least accessible.

Due to the escalation of the crisis of the past years, many families and self-employed workers have not been able to compensate the debt, but this does not necessarily mean that with a new loan the same situation will have to be repeated.

Unlike a few years ago, when lenders did not look at the protesters’ loan requests at all, the bad payers can now have free access to credit with due guarantees.

The assignment of the fifth of the salary

The assignment of the fifth of the salary

In spite of a previous protest, not yet lapsed or healed, permanent employees at companies in the private or public sector can apply for a loan by assigning one fifth of the salary .

The only constraint is having a two-year seniority, if we are talking about private, or half-yearly, in the event of hiring in the public (however conditions vary according to the internal choices of the hips or the financial ones). Obtaining the loan will be facilitated as the installment will be withheld directly from the salary, which the customer will receive reduced by 20%. In this way, the guarantor becomes, indirectly, the employer who will physically pay the installment to the credit institution or to the financial company that provided the loan.

There can be forms of the type with guarantee from Tfr or not Tfr , and there are also the possibility of requesting renewal if certain hypotheses occur. Those who need to increase the allowable amount will be able to obtain a “double fifth transfer”.

So even if technically the employee will request a loan without guarantees , in fact it falls among those with more than solid guarantees (salary and employer), but in any case without guarantor (only the salary is assessed for the sum disbursed). The only limit is given by the access channel since it is a type of loan hardly offered online. However, you can always make a request at least for an online quote and then decide how to proceed next. Even if the transfer of the fifth does not enter into the “credit” merit, it can be refused for other different reasons, therefore in case of need, an alternative fallback solution must always be provided.

Delegation and loan changed, the alternative solutions

Delegation and loan changed, the alternative solutions

Another solution to obtain the loan immediately is to choose the formula called delegation (see also Quote with delegated loan ), very similar to the assignment of the fifth, but diversified for some important characteristics: it is a request that can also be refused based on an assessment of merit; presupposes the pre-existence of the assignment of the fifth of the salary, of which 20% must also be added to its maximum 20%, bringing the committed percentage of the monthly income to a maximum of 40%. However, the law requires that the maximum threshold beyond which it is impossible to go, if there are other types of deductions (such as foreclosures, alimony, etc.) is 50%. So the sum of 40% can be partially reduced to a lower percentage.

There is also an additional form of ideal financing for the protested parties, the promised loan. In this case, the repayment of the debt takes place through bills of exchange deposited with the institution at the time of the disbursement of the sum.

For self-employed workers, on the other hand, who are obviously without a paycheck, there is the possibility of accessing the loan for protests by double signing a guarantor who takes responsibility for the payment in the event of the applicant’s insolvency.

In all the different forms of loan for bad payers and protests , the maximum threshold that can be requested is 50 thousand USD, for a maximum repayment time that cannot exceed 10 years. In most cases the interest rate provided for this type of amortization is fixed, although some variable plans can be found in the market, especially for small amounts.

Loan between individuals

Loan between individuals

If the banking and financial sector can prove to be particularly hostile and not very lenient in judgments, the possibility of applying for a loan between private individuals remains.

It is recommended that a written contract be drawn up (even if between relatives), and if interest is payable in addition to the principal to be repaid, the registrations must be made to the Revenue Agency and the payments of taxes due must be paid.

However, if interest is applied which is below the usury rate and there are no guarantees “disproportionate” or injurious to the applicant, these are loans that are legal and that can be used, respecting criteria of transparency and clarity. , without particular fears.

Loans between individuals can also be made through the use of bills. The operation and conditions to be respected, in addition to those indicated on the contract, also require compliance with the compilation of mandatory information, it must first be established whether they will be with or without the possibility of a turn, and above all, attention must be paid to the payment of the stamp due. Among other things, its calculation has become very simple since the form of the “virtual” tax payment took over, mostly replaced by the classic stamps used previously.

Family Things You Need to Know about Loans

Online lending facilities continue to emerge to meet the community’s need for additional funding for various needs. At certain times, you might have considered applying for an online loan. In any situation, don’t forget to let your immediate family members know that you will withdraw funds from one online loan service provider, which is of course official and trusted, so that they understand your reasons. Here are a number of situations that might force you to make a loan;


Urgent needs

Urgent needs

Even if you have savings, sometimes you need additional funds quickly in the midst of an emergency or emergency. For example, when there are family members who must be treated in the hospital, the house is damaged and must be renovated, marriage, or the need for additional business capital. Families also understand that you need additional funds to meet those needs. But if these additional funding needs are outside of family needs, you should discuss them in detail and clearly so that your family can help ensure that these additional funds are used according to plan. Of course, the loan size must also be adjusted to your ability to repay or repay.


Buy profitable assets

Buy profitable assets

You want to have a music studio to start a side business that suits your hobby. Then, you apply for a loan to buy all the studio equipment. This step is appropriate because the assets you buy can produce money that can exceed the loan amount. However, don’t forget to tell your family that this loan is productive and will make money according to your careful planning.


Borrowing Does Not Mean Unable

borrow money

Your family members need to know that when you are not in a bad financial condition when making loans. For example, you will not be able to get a mortgage to buy a house in installments if your economy is down, because the mortgage process itself requires no small amount of funds. You must provide funds to pay down payments, notary fees, BPHTB, and other administrative needs. The family must know that borrowing does not mean you cannot, but is part of your strategy to get assets whose prices will continue to sound.