In order to apply for credit by Good Finance SMS, 4425 SMS should be sent. Good Finance loan application is made only for consumer loans by SMS.

The maximum limit to which a loan application can be made via Good Finance SMS is 20 thousand USD. Offering up to 60 months of maturity options in its loans, Good Finance provides a maturity of up to 36 months for applications made via SMS.

If the loan type you want to apply, the credit limit and the maturity period are different, you can use Good Finance other communication channels for your loan application.

Good Finance Loan Application

Good Finance Loan Application

The channels to which you can apply for Good Finance loans are not limited to Good Finance SMS. Other communication channels and ways to apply from the bank are as follows:

  • Good Finance Web Kredi: You can make Good Finance consumer loan applications through the website. There is no condition to be a Good Finance customer to apply through the Bank’s website.
  • Credit Express Line: When you apply with the “Credit Express Line” link on the Good Finance website, credit specialists call you and answer all your credit-related questions. Your loan application also answers your phone call.
  • Good Finance Internet Banking: Good Finance customers can apply for Good Finance loans by logging into internet banking.
  • Good Finance Mobile Banking: You can also apply for a loan from Good Finance mobile banking.
  • Good Finance Branches: You can make all Good Finance loan applications by visiting Good Finance branches.
  • Good Finance Telephone Branch: You can get information and apply for credits at any time of the day by calling the contact number at 444 25 25.

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Good Finance consumer loan can be granted for any need. Good Finance is the only loan option that can apply for a loan via SMS. The general characteristics of the loan are as follows:

  • There is a 60-month maturity opportunity.
  • Low-interest rates are offered.
  • There is no need for limitation. It can be withdrawn for any kind of loan.
  • There is an option to apply from all communication channels.
  • It is given to people who are over the age of 18 and have a high credit rating.
  • For applications over 20.000 USD, you have to go to Good Finance branches.

Good Finance Consumer Loan Calculator


Good Finance consumer loan calculations can be made on the website. If a loan application will be made with Good Finance SMS, you can also call the phone branch and make all calculations. An example of a loan application is as follows:

  • When the 20.000 USD loan is taken with a 24-month maturity, there is an interest rate of 1.29%. The monthly installment amount to be paid is 1.005 USD.
  • When the 20.000 USD loan is taken with a 60-month maturity, the interest rate determined by the bank becomes 1.13%. In this case, the monthly installment amount to be paid is 490 USD.