Who doesn’t know a credit card? Yes a card which functions as a transaction tool in general. But there are things that are different from debit cards, in bank credit cards such as lending consumers money and not taking money from accounts. A credit card is a payment instrument in lieu of cash in the form of cards issued by banks to make it easier for customers to transact.

The development of credit cards is fairly fast because of the growing public interest every day. The initial credit card serves to help the community in their daily activities, but increasingly here credit cards begin to function as a lifestyle. Not infrequently many employees who use credit cards to meet their daily needs.


Benefits that you will get when using a credit card

credit card

  • Practical and easy

The presence of this card also aims to facilitate the public to carry out buying and selling activities

  • Relatively safe

Because this card is accompanied by personal data when registering, frauds or losses can be detected quickly when there is fraud.

  • Simplify managing the budget

Because this credit card system is available in installments, it will facilitate the customer’s financial planning.

  • Simplify online transactions

With the digital age like now, not a few people have switched from manual transactions to online. Using a credit card will make it easier for employees who will conduct online transactions.

  • Can be used all over the world

With rapid development, making credit cards can be used in transactions throughout the world. With so many benefits provided by banks to customers, it is not uncommon for employees to be tempted to transact using credit cards. But besides the many benefits provided there are also risks that must be borne by the customers.


Procedures that must be performed for making a credit card

credit card

  1. Include a photocopy of KTP
  2. Minimum age 21 years with minimum salary of USD 3,000,000
  3. Photocopy of salary slip
  4. Photocopy of NPWP
  5. Photocopy of bank book last 3 months
  6. And for those who already have a credit card before, they can include credit card bills in the last 3 months

But with the convenience provided in the registration and usage there are things you must consider before using a credit card. Like the interest to be paid every month, this is before it has been agreed by both parties but mistakes that are often made by users Credit cards are late in paying installments.

This makes interest accumulate more and more which eventually will harm the employees themselves. This, of course, is not to help employees instead become financially burdening employees. With a tempting offer when we can use the money first, then it is paid at the end of the period that ensnares some “naughty” employees who cannot control themselves.


Does the use of credit cards make a person become entangled in debt?

Does the use of credit cards make a person become entangled in debt?

If that event occurs, it will make someone become in debt, even harming themselves. Therefore it is advisable to use a prepaid card very wisely because it can bring you to a pretty heavy risk in the future.

Not infrequently some employees make fatal mistakes to do. Mistakes such as considering a credit card as an extra salary which is a very tricky concept. If someone considers a credit card as an additional salary, in the end, they will run out of their own basic salary. This is in addition to harming ourselves also makes us like the proverb “dig a hole close the hole”. this of course is dangerous because we will accumulate debt continuously in the long term.

In addition, another mistake that is usually made by some employees who are customers of a bank is tempted to pay the minimum installments provided by the issuing bank. This is of course wrong because in fact this statement is very tricky, when we pay the minimum installments, the more interest we have to bear. It could be that the interest we have piled up is more than the credit card nominal we submitted before. Of course this is detrimental to customers.


Reimbursement with Lite Lenders!

Reimbursement with Lite Lenders!

We usually use a credit card to buy an item which sometimes we can’t buy on a normal day because of financial limitations. But the reimbursement feature in Lite Lenders can help exist. When you buy something for office needs, but office funds are not yet disbursed, you can immediately use this feature. This feature makes it easy for you to buy office equipment. Reimbursement is now even easier because it can be used with a personal cellphone so it doesn’t take much time.

The reimbursement feature is in Lite Lenders from Lite Lenders. Lite Lenders makes reimbursement activities easier and more fun. You can submit directly via your personal cell phone and it will be received directly by your boss who is connected to the finance department. Lite Lenders will process the reimbursement directly to your personal account. Thus reducing fraud and mistakes. In addition, Lite Lenders can also improve a company’s financial management efficiency by up to 76%.