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How can online credits help you?

Realistically, anyone can have a financial problem at any time. This situation has become more evident from the moment the crisis began, at which time many people began to be left without work and without sustenance.

The most logical thing in these cases is to think that we can go to the bank to give us a solution to our economic problem. The problem? That the banks, now that it is when we need them the most, will pass from us Olympic.

The most paradoxical thing of all is that they will only grant us the money in the event that we have it (that is, that we have a good job, that we have maintained it during the last months, as well as other somewhat disparate conditions). This is why the bankrupt user will not find the support they are looking for in banks.

Fortunately, online credit companies come into play at this point

What are online credit companies for?

What are online credit companies for?

There are many situations in which we may need to contract an online credit, for example: if we have to pay a electricity bill that has reached us higher than normal, a water bill, IBI taxes or garbage, a fine that has come to us without warning or that we simply want to start a business or start a vacation that we think we deserve.

These are just a few assumptions.

You should know that online credit companies do not care about the reason for which we are requesting the credit, but that they simply have to comply with the requirements that they impose on us. A bank, on the other hand, would put all kinds of problems to grant us a loan in the event that the reason for the request is not aimed at buying a house (formalizing a mortgage), a car and other assumptions that can be counted on. fingers of one hand.

Main characteristics of online loan companies

Main characteristics of online loan companies

Maximum speed

If what we are looking for is speed, do not even think about going through the bank.

Think that fast credit companies are going to give you an answer in record time; as much as if it is good, as if it is bad. With just a simple online verification they will be able to know if the credit is going to be granted or not.


The requirements that you are going to ask us will depend on each entity in question, but they usually do not go beyond a copy of the DNI, a certification of receipt of income on a regular basis and our bank account number.

Debt renegotiation

If we are unable to return the money on time, we can contact the entity to request a deferment.

You never know when we will need fast money and online loan companies are the best in this case.

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Is it true what they say about online credits?

From Good Lender we want to talk to you about what is usually said about online credits and that in many cases responds to ignorance. Likewise, we want to tell you about some advantages that online credits have and that, without a doubt, will surprise you.

Online credits: what do they consist of?

Online credits: what do they consist of?

Online credits are a solution adapted to the needs of the 21st century. They are for various reasons that make them one of the most widely used formulas in today’s economy. And this is due to several reasons that we want to talk about in this article. They will surely surprise you and make you join the list of people who decide on a way of making economy much more adapted to the times in which we live.

1.- Online credits take less time than conventional credits

1.- Online credits take less time than conventional credits

Conventional credits take too long. In many occasions these terms are lengthened by formulas, requirements and clearly unnecessary paperwork. One of the formulas for the success of online credits is that they eliminate these procedures. Indeed, in a few minutes and simply after filling out a small form, you will be able to access the amount you need.

The process generally does not last more than a few hours. It doesn’t take long for you to make your request and receive your money. This is because at Good Lender we can offer you credit without payroll. By the way, we want to remind you that we do not request an endorsement either. These criteria also make our online credits take less time to fulfill their mission.

2.- Online credits are as safe as conventional credits

Online credits have the peculiarity that they are granted by entities that carry out their functions through the Internet. Otherwise they can offer us all the guarantees of a classic credit branch. By this we mean that they are governed by the same institutions and must meet the same requirements.

In fact, the latter gives a lot of security to customers. It also means that they can be backed by the security of an entity with thousands of clients throughout Spain.

3.- Online credits give more facilities

3.- Online credits give more facilities

At Good Lender we can offer you credit while at Financial Credit Institution. We consider inclusion on this list too often unfair. It is due to coercion from companies that do not respond to reality and that often take advantage of a period in which a customer is complaining. So, from Good Lender we offer you an alternative.

4.- Online credits are much more flexible

At Good Lender we can offer you online credits adapted exclusively to what you need. That means that you can choose the amount you want yourself. Likewise, you can choose the terms that best suit you.

5.- Online credits for any need

5.- Online credits for any need

Good Lender credits can help you regardless of your needs. Indeed, we offer you a formula in which you yourself choose what you need and what for. Thus, there are many clients who request credits online to finance a professional project.

However, among your priorities may be to have a detail with a loved one or simply buy what you needed or wanted so much. Thus, from Good Lender we can offer you online credits adapted to your needs regardless of what they are.

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1000 USD installment loan in comparison.

Installment loan comparison: quick & easy for a 1,000 USD loan

Installment loan comparison: quick & easy for a 1,000 USD loan

The 1000 USD installment loan is a popular consumer loan and is therefore used by private customers. It creates financial scope for urgently needed purchases, repayment of old loans and investments. A loan of over USD 1,000 enables the borrower to have manageable terms and low monthly installments. Many banks can apply for this loan online. A credit comparison helps to determine favorable conditions. Read more at

Is a loan over 1,000 USD really necessary?

Is a loan over 1,000 USD really necessary?

In principle, a loan should only be taken out if it is really needed. Buying luxury and consumer goods through an installment loan is rather not recommended. Often, important or urgently needed purchases cannot be postponed. With no reserves, an installment loan offers a cheap alternative to overdraft facilities. A 1,000 USD loan is characterized by a low monthly installment and interest payments due to the low loan amount.

The small loan also offers a cheap way of balancing accounts. If the bank account is in the red, considerable interest is often due on the use of the overdraft facility. The overdraft facility can be compensated by taking out an installment loan. Savings are possible due to the usually significantly lower interest rates. Direct banks in particular offer more favorable conditions for small loans due to automated processes. A free credit comparison can help you find the right provider.

Step by step to installment loans

The path to the dream loan is easier than you think. We have compiled tips and advice for the process of an online loan application as a free download guide (PDF). Explained in a simple and understandable way by our experts.

Info: An installment loan calculator helps with the comparison

Info: An installment loan calculator helps with the comparison

According to the market study 2016 on behalf of Cream bank is the most popular form of financing. Every third household currently uses an installment loan. Every fourth loan comes from the Internet. An online comparison enables a transparent market overview: Compare 1,000 USD installment loans now

Good to know: An installment loan calculator helps with the comparison

Good to know: An installment loan calculator helps with the comparison

According to the GfK market study 2016 on behalf of Cream bank is the most popular form of financing. Every third household currently uses an installment loan. Every fourth loan comes from the Internet. An online comparison enables a transparent market overview: Compare 1,000 USD installment loans now

Credit Amount: USD Loan term: 1 month 2 months 3 months 6 months 12 months 24 Months 36 months 48 months 60 months 72 months 84 months 96 months 108 months 120 months Usage: Free use New cars / used cars Furniture Modernization / renovation vacation PC / Multimedia credit repayment Balance current account   to compare

Credit Card Is a Necessity or Wish?

Who doesn’t know a credit card? Yes a card which functions as a transaction tool in general. But there are things that are different from debit cards, in bank credit cards such as lending consumers money and not taking money from accounts. A credit card is a payment instrument in lieu of cash in the form of cards issued by banks to make it easier for customers to transact.

The development of credit cards is fairly fast because of the growing public interest every day. The initial credit card serves to help the community in their daily activities, but increasingly here credit cards begin to function as a lifestyle. Not infrequently many employees who use credit cards to meet their daily needs.


Benefits that you will get when using a credit card

credit card

  • Practical and easy

The presence of this card also aims to facilitate the public to carry out buying and selling activities

  • Relatively safe

Because this card is accompanied by personal data when registering, frauds or losses can be detected quickly when there is fraud.

  • Simplify managing the budget

Because this credit card system is available in installments, it will facilitate the customer’s financial planning.

  • Simplify online transactions

With the digital age like now, not a few people have switched from manual transactions to online. Using a credit card will make it easier for employees who will conduct online transactions.

  • Can be used all over the world

With rapid development, making credit cards can be used in transactions throughout the world. With so many benefits provided by banks to customers, it is not uncommon for employees to be tempted to transact using credit cards. But besides the many benefits provided there are also risks that must be borne by the customers.


Procedures that must be performed for making a credit card

credit card

  1. Include a photocopy of KTP
  2. Minimum age 21 years with minimum salary of USD 3,000,000
  3. Photocopy of salary slip
  4. Photocopy of NPWP
  5. Photocopy of bank book last 3 months
  6. And for those who already have a credit card before, they can include credit card bills in the last 3 months

But with the convenience provided in the registration and usage there are things you must consider before using a credit card. Like the interest to be paid every month, this is before it has been agreed by both parties but mistakes that are often made by users Credit cards are late in paying installments.

This makes interest accumulate more and more which eventually will harm the employees themselves. This, of course, is not to help employees instead become financially burdening employees. With a tempting offer when we can use the money first, then it is paid at the end of the period that ensnares some “naughty” employees who cannot control themselves.


Does the use of credit cards make a person become entangled in debt?

Does the use of credit cards make a person become entangled in debt?

If that event occurs, it will make someone become in debt, even harming themselves. Therefore it is advisable to use a prepaid card very wisely because it can bring you to a pretty heavy risk in the future.

Not infrequently some employees make fatal mistakes to do. Mistakes such as considering a credit card as an extra salary which is a very tricky concept. If someone considers a credit card as an additional salary, in the end, they will run out of their own basic salary. This is in addition to harming ourselves also makes us like the proverb “dig a hole close the hole”. this of course is dangerous because we will accumulate debt continuously in the long term.

In addition, another mistake that is usually made by some employees who are customers of a bank is tempted to pay the minimum installments provided by the issuing bank. This is of course wrong because in fact this statement is very tricky, when we pay the minimum installments, the more interest we have to bear. It could be that the interest we have piled up is more than the credit card nominal we submitted before. Of course this is detrimental to customers.


Reimbursement with Lite Lenders!

Reimbursement with Lite Lenders!

We usually use a credit card to buy an item which sometimes we can’t buy on a normal day because of financial limitations. But the reimbursement feature in Lite Lenders can help exist. When you buy something for office needs, but office funds are not yet disbursed, you can immediately use this feature. This feature makes it easy for you to buy office equipment. Reimbursement is now even easier because it can be used with a personal cellphone so it doesn’t take much time.

The reimbursement feature is in Lite Lenders from Lite Lenders. Lite Lenders makes reimbursement activities easier and more fun. You can submit directly via your personal cell phone and it will be received directly by your boss who is connected to the finance department. Lite Lenders will process the reimbursement directly to your personal account. Thus reducing fraud and mistakes. In addition, Lite Lenders can also improve a company’s financial management efficiency by up to 76%.

Bank employee loans: also personal and online?

Are there any products specially created as loans for employees of Lite Lender Company? Certainly the category of employees in general is the subject of a greater possibility of choice in terms of financing, being the only ones who can also access the assignments of the fifth. If we are dealing with employees of large companies and companies, as in the case of joint-stock companies, the alternatives increase further.

Fifth assignments and subsidized loans

Fifth assignments and subsidized loans

The transfer of the fifth has been extended for over a decade to private sector employees as well. So if until recently only the employees of Lite Lender Company with public or state participation could request a transfer of the fifth, today this limitation has been definitively eliminated.

However, even for personal loans, sometimes even for online ones, if we are dealing with employees of Lite Lender Company of a certain size and importance, we can meet better conditions than those that the bank or financial company offers to anyone. These differences must be carefully evaluated on a case-by-case basis thanks to the request for quotes.

Rates and types of concessions

Rates and types of concessions

Why should loans for Lite Lender Company employees have advantages and benefits compared to those reserved for employees of srl or other companies (beyond the assignment of the fifth)?

The law of large numbers makes this situation quite clear: the possibility for a bank or a financial company (especially at the branch level or for a strongly regional presence) to have a certain number of customers almost guaranteed can push it to file some accessory costs (for example for example, the preliminary or collection costs) or a few tenths of a point on the interest generally applied.

This type of facilitation passes through agreements that are made with Spin Lender or other organizations within the company itself. So to know its existence, any conditions and to know exactly who to contact, just go and ask the managers of the Recreational Workers Club of the Lite Lender Company or similar realities. In some cases, it is also possible to find info on the Intranet or via Newsletters created specifically for recipients.

Under what conditions?

Under what conditions?

This speech can also apply to the assignment of the fifth. In both cases, however, it should be considered:

  • convenience in the strict sense, asking for some quotes to compare;
  • the conditions that must be respected in order to obtain the concession.

Referring to the latter aspect, it may happen that in order to obtain favorable conditions, you are forced to open a new account, take out a policy or other products that are not particularly suitable for your situation. In these cases, convenience in a broader sense must also be assessed, i.e. whether or not to proceed with an external product, less limiting or binding in one’s choices.

In some cases, the concessions can be obtained not only for personal loans, but also with those aimed at them. In this regard, the purchase must generally be made in specific points of sale, dealers or chain stores.

Ease of obtaining?

Ease of obtaining?

Based on what has been said so far, being or not being employees of a large company, as in the case of Lite Lender Company, can make a difference especially if you go to request a transfer of the fifth. For this type of loan, in particular, both the lending company or the bank and the insurance company must in fact evaluate the solidity of the employer. So usually the bigger the company, the more favorable their opinion will be.

In these cases we can therefore speak of loans for Lite Lender Company employees that are “easier” to obtain, intended as an excellent business card because the whole process closes in the best possible way. This does not mean that if you do not work for a Lite Lender Company, you will not get a fifth.

Regardless of company name, companies that are in good health and are ‘equipped’ with at least 15 employees are generally rated positively. Obviously, large companies (generally speaking of at least 50 employees) have greater negotiating strength in ticking the best reserved conditions. From this point of view, the weight of the negotiation applies above all to financial companies.



To summarize, therefore, the loans for employees of the Lite Lender Company offer a range of choices that employees of smaller companies could hardly have. However, this does not mean that you will be sure to find the best solution in an absolute sense. In fact, you must always opt for the product that best meets your needs, in the most flexible or easily manageable way, with the highest level of probability that the sum you need will be granted in the necessary and acceptable times.

All these answers must necessarily go through a series of personal evaluations, which should not overlook a new reality such as that of social lending.

Terms and Definition of Investment Credit!

The lack of all information about financial finance sometimes causes difficulties in taking appropriate steps in managing personal or business finances. The problem that is usually faced is ignorance around the notion of investment credit.

If you have decided to take an investment credit facility, then you know the steps that banks take to provide that facility. Usually the Bank carries out a verification process and then checks the business carried out by the borrower. Therefore each of those who want to apply for an investment loan must complete the requirements quite a lot. Before discussing the requirements of applying for investment credit, first know of the investment credit below.


Definition of Investment Credit

Investment Credit


Investment Loans are loans with a long or medium term payback period. Debt can also be raised to finance some goods as capital in a rehabilitation plan or the construction of a company project. To be able to pay off investment loans, company owners usually use the money from the profits from the use of corporate investment loans.

In terms of investment credit, in addition to the conditions that you must meet in applying for investment loans usually have the characteristics to is

  • As an addition to business capital or business
  • Pseudo R / R Credit System (Taking Over)
  • Having careful planning
  • Establish long-term credit

To be able to apply for an investment credit requires several requirements including:


Feasibility study

study loans


Feasibility Study is a feasibility study that aims to assess the feasibility of implementing a business / business, while the aspects analyzed in this study such as company benefits (Financial Benefits), benefits received by the community from the project (Social Benefits) and Macro Economic Benefits.


Trading Business License (SIUP), Company Registration Certificate (TDP) and others.

business loans


If you have a business, then you need a Trading Business License (SIUP), for proof of the business you are running. In addition, the Company Registration Certificate (TDP) is an official record issued based on the provisions of the law or implementing regulations, and contains mandatory items that are registered by each company. Without having SIUP and TDP, the business or business being run is illegal. For this to be able to apply for an investment credit, you must have this SIUP and TDP as a condition for the application.

  • The maximum credit is 15 years and the maximum grace period is 4 years.
  • Borrowers are required to submit additional collateral if according to the bank is required.
  • The maximum funding borne by the bank is 65% while the remaining 35% is self financing.

Quite a lot and complicated isn’t it? Though this investment credit is very much in demand in Indonesia, for business owners it is strongly recommended to use investment loans to develop their business. Because, the payment system is easy and can be paid in installments or paid at the end of the tenor.


Investment loan requirements 

Investment loan


Some of the investment loan requirements above may be an obstacle for you. For those of you who need investment credit Acceleration as a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform can help you develop your own business. Submission requirements are also easier, such as:

  1. Your business has been running for 1 year and its location is in Jabodetabek, Banten and Bandung. For outside the region, you can still apply for an investment credit from Lite Lenders if the proposed loan is more than 200 million.
  2. Minimum loan of $75 million
  3. Your business has a profit of the past year
  4. Includes checking accounts in the past 3 months
  5. Fill out the form and provide complete supporting documents

Use Acceleration as your preferred investment credit service because Acceleration is already trusted by more than 100 SMEs with funds channeled in excess of $120 billion so for the security and ease of service from Lite Lenders there is no need to doubt. If the requirements you submit are ready, all you have to do is submit them via the Accelerated mobile application with an easier and safer process.

Guarantees, requirements and best alternatives for a loan of 70,000 USD.

There are not many credit institutions and financial companies that grant a 70,000 USD loan with ease, despite precise indications from the EU aimed at increasing the ceilings for personal loans to be granted to citizens with the aim of adapting the financial instruments available on the market to actual consumer needs.

In fact, most financial companies provide personal loans up to a maximum of $ 30 / 40,000 and only the big banks have gone so far as to extend the figure up to $ 70,000 or more. Then there are particular situations such as with Best Bank which directly reaches up to 30,000 USD, but through Spin Lender it can go up to 75,000 USD.

It should be said, moreover, that these are somewhat complex loans as they provide very large repayment installments, hardly less than $ 800/900 per month, given that the maximum duration granted is 120 months. These are very significant amounts that can only be borne by a certain category of people, a reason that greatly restricts the audience of users who can have access to a loan of this type.

Requirements for obtaining a loan of 70,000 USD

Requirements for obtaining a loan of 70,000 USD

The 70,000 USD loan is granted only to those with adequate creditworthiness; this implies not only that he has sufficient income to be able to meet the loan amounts, but also that he has no reports as a bad payer in SIC, Credit Information Systems.

The income must be demonstrable and continuous as a very long loan agreement is always expected to repay such a large amount. For this reason, employees, both public and private, and pensioners, as well as self-employed workers, are privileged, provided they have sufficient documentation to demonstrate that the activity carried out is solid and active (see also Online loans for unemployed).

Accessory guarantees

Accessory guarantees

In the face of any personal loan request, all the checks to verify the applicant’s solvency are carried out by the lending institutions and never as in this case these checks are thorough and severe. Once the go-ahead on the creditworthiness of the subject has been obtained, appropriate calculations are made on the declared income, aimed at ascertaining that the part intended for the periodic installment for financing represents only a part of the total, so that the applicant’s survival is guaranteed and his possible family members.

If it turns out that the monthly amount is too expensive, further guarantees are required, such as life insurance, a mortgage on a property owned or the presence of a guarantor who has sufficient economic requirements.

Who to contact

Who to contact

If you meet all the requirements, you can proceed with the request for a loan of 70,000 USD; there are two possible ways:

  • the physical branch of a bank, perhaps its own if you have an economically sound position; direct knowledge and correctness demonstrated over the years can be useful as a “guarantee” and demonstration of reliability;
  • the Web Banks, now increasingly present and more active; the greater ease of the procedure and perhaps cheaper financial products make them particularly attractive, even if the procedure must be activated only if you have all the requisites and the necessary documentation, in order to avoid a refusal in the first step.


Make no mistake, This Difference in Debit and Credit in Accounting

This time we will discuss about the debit. What is debt, the difference between debit and credit in the financial statements and the difference between credit cards and debit cards?

Well, in this article we will discuss in-depth about the discharge and the ins and outs. Let’s watch together this article!

Definition of Debits


The word debit comes from the Latin “debate” which means “indebted.” This is an entry made on the left side of the ledger account. These are accounting entries posted when there are additions to assets, costs, and losses or reductions in income, profits, liabilities, and owner’s equity.

If the debit side of the account exceeds the credit side, it is considered a debit balance. For non-accounting individuals, debit refers to the amount that is withdrawn or deducted from a particular bank account.

Differentiating Debit and Credit in Accounting


Every time an accounting transaction is made, at least two accounts are always affected ie debit entries are recorded on one account and credit entries are recorded against the other account. There is no limit to the number of accounts involved in transactions, but a minimum of not less than two accounts.

The total debit and credit for each transaction must always be the same so that accounting transactions are always said: “in balance.”

If a transaction is out of balance, it is not possible to make financial statements. As such, the use of debits and credits in the two-column transaction recording format is the most important of all controls over accounting accuracy.

Summary of the Difference Between Debit and Credit

  • Debit refers to the left side of the general ledger account while credit is related to the right side of the general ledger account.
    In a personal account, the recipient is debited while the giver is credited.
  • Whatever comes in is debited in the balance sheet account, while whatever comes out is credited therein.
  • For the income statement, all expenses and losses are debited, however, all income and profits are credited.
  • The increase in debits is caused by increases in cash, inventory, factories and machinery, land and buildings, expenses such as salaries, insurance, taxes, dividends, and others. The increase in credit was due to an increase in shareholder funds, membership fees, rental income, retained earnings, debt, and others.

The Importance of Making Debit and Credit Reports in the Company

The Importance of Making Debit and Credit Reports in the Company

A business within a company naturally experiences transactions, both internally and externally. These transactions require companies to make transaction documents in the form of financial statements.

One of them is to determine the rate of entry and exit of company funds to minimize the possibility of over budgeting in certain account categories in reporting. There are five elements in accounting transactions, namely debt, assets, income, capital, and costs or expenses.

A debit transaction is definitely accompanied by a credit transaction. Companies that do not have debit and credit reporting documents cannot control the flow of financial inflows. In addition, company financial data cannot be traced if something happens to the company’s finances.

With the debit and credit reports expected to help oversee the company’s finances from the possibility of corruption from employees. Because good debit and credit data are always accompanied by credible receipts or official notes.

The Difference between Credit and Debit Cards You Need to Know


The difference between credit and debit cards is quite clear in many ways. One of them is the difference according to its features. Because of different features, the purpose of the use is different.

Unfortunately, there are still those who do not know the difference between the two transaction cards. As a result, that person cannot maximize the benefits of their credit and debit cards.

As a transaction tool, credit and debit cards have the same function, namely to make payments in non-cash. Instead of the hassle of carrying cash everywhere, it’s simpler to just pocket a credit or debit card in your wallet.

Transaction validation is also similar, using a personal identification number (PIN). Indeed, there are still those who use signatures. But this mechanism is not recommended because it is prone to be abused.

But there are more differences between credit and debit cards than the similarities. The following are:

Credit card

– Credit cards are cards that can be used to pay for transactions by credit. Later, the bill for the transaction comes in a certain period and must be paid.

– No account is required at the card-issuing bank because the source of funds is not taken from the account. But usually, credit card applications are more likely to be granted if they have savings at a related bank.

– Banks set a number of special conditions for issuing credit cards. One bank can issue various types of credit cards. The requirements for each type are different.

– Although there are no sources of funds, there are credit card limit provisions as limits for their use. If the limit has been reached, the card cannot be used for transactions or can be used but there are over-limit fees.

– Credit card owners must pay an annual fee. Usually, contributions are free for the first year. But there are also credit cards that are free of annual fees forever.

– Credit cards can be used to pay for online transactions using the three-digit number code on the back of the card. There are no internet banking or mobile banking features for online transactions.

– Withdraw cash using a credit card at an ATM machine, but there are additional fees. These fees vary depending on the card-issuing bank.

– There is interest to be paid if you don’t pay your bills on time or use them to pay in installments.

– There are benefits in the form of installments with 0 percent interest, points that can be exchanged with prizes, up to cashback on each transaction

– Can be used to transact abroad in accordance with the card network

Debit Card

– Debit cards are cards issued by banks as a complement to savings accounts. Each savings is generally accompanied by a debit card for the transaction.

– The source of debit card funds is the savings account associated with the card.

– Debit card issuance requirements only have savings in the relevant bank.

– Limit transactions using a debit card is the nominal funds in savings. If the funds run out, the card can no longer be used.

– There is no annual fee, but there are administrative costs that are charged every month for the ownership of savings.

– There are several debit cards that can be used to shop online like a credit card. But most still can’t.

– General benefits are only in the form of discounts on transactions using a debit card

Credit Card vs. Debit Card

Credit Card vs. Debit Card

Seeing the difference between credit and debit cards above, you can find the advantages and disadvantages of each. Different features are determinants of these advantages and disadvantages.

Offer Easier Transactions

In general, the advantage of credit cards is that they can be used for transactions easily, especially for online shopping. In addition, profits on transactions, from 0 percent installments to cashback, can be used for budget planning.

But the drawback is that it is prone to be abused by irresponsible users. Abuse, for example, originating from transactions without thinking about bills or negligent bills, can lead to accumulated debt.

While the advantage of debit cards is that their use is safer from debt risk because the source of funds is a savings account. In addition, there are no various fees or fees that can be a burden. The shortage of a debit card is that the transactions are more limited in accordance with the savings balance.

Speaking of card security, the two are not too different. There is a threat of skimming to fraud. Potential losses depend on savings balances and credit card limits. The more balances and limits, the greater the loss can be.

From there it can be concluded that the most important difference between credit and debit cards is their intended use. Credit cards can be used for more things and demand higher responsibilities to pay bills.

While the use of debit cards is more limited. But there are no demands or burdens to pay bills later on because the transaction is completed right then and there.

The good, that’s why credit and debit cards can be owned simultaneously. Depending on the situation and conditions, you can use a credit or debit card for different purposes.

 Now, after we know the definition of debit and credit also the difference both in financial statements and in the form of cards. Then, there is one more important info for you about HR software.

Bank loans: even without a paycheck?

The financing proposed by Lite bank focuses on the rapidity of evaluation and on the flexibility of management. This is especially true for the range of personal loans that have flanked that of targeted loans and revolving credit cards. However, if you are looking for Lite bank loans without a paycheck, keep in mind that the chances of obtaining them depend strictly on:

  • presence of other guarantees that may be offered among those accepted by Lite bank spa;
  • presence of a guarantor with a source of income accepted by the financial company;
  • possession of a certified income other than that of an employee.

Requirements needed

Requirements needed

In order to apply for one of the Lite bank loans you must have minimum requirements which are:

  • residence in Italy;
  • be at least of age;
  • have a certified income document.

This document can be the single model for self-employed workers, or the pension slip for pensioners. Therefore Lite bank loans can be requested without a paycheck but on condition that there is in any case an official document that proves to receive an income which, during the preliminary investigation, is considered satisfactory to decide to approve the loan request. The same argument possibly concerns the presence of a guarantor. This can be included in a financing practice when:

  • there is no demonstrable income;
  • you have a demonstrable income considered not high enough.

Furthermore, even with the presence of a guarantor, additional additional guarantees can be requested, as is clearly specified on the official Lite bank website.

What changes for small loans?

What changes for small loans?

Among the various types of financing, Lite bank also provides for the proposal of small loans, which can be used to sustain contained expenses (such as travel, purchase of household appliances, the rechargeable loan, etc.).

However, the application procedure, as well as the requirements, are the same as those for higher loans (remembering that the maximum amount that can be obtained is 30 thousand USD). So you can not think of starting the process of requesting a small loan without having the requirement of an income demonstrable directly or through a guarantor. The only way forward in this case may be to request one of the revolving cards issued by Lite bank itself.

In depth: Is it possible to obtain a revolving card without demonstrable income?

How do you make the request?

How do you make the request?

The request for loans with Lite bank can be conveniently made online, without the need to send paper documents thanks to the digital signature. To allow the progress of the preliminary investigation phase it is logically necessary to upload the necessary documents via the web. For this reason already at the moment of the request it is necessary to have the documentation ready including the income certificate. In case of doubts or for particularly complicated practices (especially recommended if one or more guarantors must be used) it is also possible to proceed with the request through the agency by setting an appointment at the toll-free number 800.12.90.10 which is active:

  • Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 21:00;
  • on Saturday from 08:30 to 17:30.

If you deliver all the necessary documentation you do not necessarily have an extension of time depending on whether you make a request without a paycheck or with a paycheck. Obviously, the complexity of evaluation can lead to more or less long times, while the timing for crediting the sum requested always takes place within 48 hours from the moment in which the loan application was accepted.

Example of online request

Example of online request

One of the positive aspects related to Lite bank loans is given by the installment calculator which allows you to make simulations online at current rates, without the need to be registered or logged in. Anyone can use the calculator being able to make a number of unlimited simulations and only when the most suitable one is found can one decide to proceed, starting from the visualization of the estimate. However, there are no differences if you apply for a loan for self-employed or for employees.

In a nutshell, if the process ends with a positive opinion, even if you have a request without a paycheck (but with other proven income) there is no ‘worsening’ of the interest rate applied. As we can see in the example with a request of 5 thousand USD we will find ourselves in front of a situation like:

It is therefore possible to choose the amount of the installment according to the duration and the proposed Tan and Taeg rate. The first step is to download, view and keep the real quote by clicking on ‘View and print SECCI’. Once you have made your final selection, you can click on ‘Request now’ and then follow the guided procedure to proceed with the paperless online request.

Unsecured loan: how does it work?

The type of financing that is identified with the definition of unsecured loan has its own characteristics which are incorrectly considered “light”. But is it really easier to get it than a classic loan? The answer on paper would appear to be affirmative because if a bank offers an unsecured loan it should be based as a guarantee simply on the “handwritten signature of the applicant”.

In reality, however, the situation is not so, precisely because the main guarantee required, or the signature, must equally lead to a solid income, meritocratic and patrimonial situation as in the case of ‘traditional’ financing.

The unsecured loan clearly differs from a mortgage-backed mortgage instead. In this case, we know that costs will be high and complex procedures. This aspect is generally true for all collateralised loans (which can also be represented by a pledge ).

How are unsecured loans offered?

How are unsecured loans offered?

It is also a product that can be oriented both to a private individual and to a company. But beware, a bank will hardly advertise this type of financing directly and evidently. How to find them?

This type of loan is normally offered by large banks or by lenders linked to the territory such as the Bcc. Instead, it is quite difficult to find in online banks, which normally have a very ‘basic’ offer.

The ‘standard’ conditions


Unsecured loans have variable characteristics depending on the lending institution, although we can highlight some common peculiarities. In most cases, in fact, these are loans with a medium or long amortization plan (almost always above 18 months and not less than one year).

The maximum expected duration is generally up to 120 installments and in some exceptional cases even beyond. As regards rates, especially for higher amounts and longer durations, they can be offered at both fixed and variable rates. In this second case there is a spread plus an indexing value which is normally represented by the Reference rate bank.

What are the minimum necessary requirements?

As already mentioned at the beginning, no particular requirements are necessary for the applicant other than that of possessing a solid income and balance sheet situation sufficient to act as a guarantee for the bank to give a positive opinion. However, it is possible that the lender requires a guarantor but this is a non-fundamental and recurrent condition.

It is also necessary that those who apply for an unsecured loan have an excellent credit reputation : one must have matured a history in the field of financing, proving to be reliable and deserving of obtaining new credit.

How does the refund work?

How does the refund work?

The repayment of the loan usually takes place with the French amortization, therefore by periodically paying the installments made up of interest and principal. The repayment generally passes through a permanent debit on the current account of the installments until they are exhausted, and an early repayment penalty may be applied. The ‘allowable’ amount tends to be medium-high and can even exceed abundantly the 75,000 USD: the greater the sum required and the greater the duration with which to make the total refund.

Practical examples

  • To give an example of a medium-small diffusion bank, we see that Litebank grants up to 75,000 USD in 60 installments with its unsecured loan while over 75,000 USD it reaches up to 72 installments. The rate can be both variable and fixed. Funding is offered only to companies (Source: official information sheet – 11/12/2017)
  • Looking instead in the offer of one of the largest groups such as Cream bank, we find an unsecured loan for individuals that comes out of the most usual schemes with a minimum amount disbursed, in the Plus version, of 76,000 USD and a duration that starts from 36 months up to 15 years. (Source: Cream bank official website – 11/12/2017)
  • Among the various loans in its offer, the Spin Lender also has the unsecured wedding project loan which allows you to obtain up to 20,000 USD to be repaid in a maximum of 60 months. The loan is dedicated to couples about to get married and is at a fixed rate. 



With the examples just made it is clear that the conditions may vary and that the research must be oriented according to the amount of the sum that is being sought and the time available. Obviously larger banking groups can foresee larger sums and longer repayment times, but each individual case must be evaluated and analyzed without being able to make true generalizations.