3 Alternatives to the loan with assignment of the fifth for protested persons.


Banks is moving towards

Banks is moving towards

Until recently, the inscription of one’s name on the blacklist of protested subjects was synonymous with total foreclosure to any type of new economic credit. Fortunately, the rigidity of the banks is moving towards more flexible territories, a symptom that the possibility of making loan requests also exists for this type of customer.

The main form of financing for protests is the transfer of the fifth: in many cases, however, loan applicants are not accustomed to making their personal economic situation known to their employer, and prefer to opt for other types of new liquidity disbursement. In other situations, on the other hand, the criteria for access to credit, such as the period of working seniority, are not met and therefore the transfer of the fifth of the salary cannot be implemented.

The 3 practical tips

The 3 practical tips

How, then, is it possible for this type of subject to obtain a loan without the transfer of the fifth? Thanks to 3 practical tips everything can be solved in the best way.

  1. Choose the loan changed

    It is one of the simplest forms of personal loan for protests. Indeed, the applicants, by signing bills of exchange as collateral, can repay, both in the short and long term, the residual debt granted by the institution. Furthermore, the changed loan represents an ideal solution even for those who do not have a paycheck. The repayment of the debt is always amortized at a fixed rate, with paper effects at a constant amount.

  2. Get a proxy loan

    If the relationship with the employer is positive, a protested party can obtain a proxy loan, as an advance on his salary, for an amount that can go up to 40% of the monthly salary. Unlike the assignment of the fifth, which cannot in any way exceed 20%, with the loan delegation the sums required can be considerably greater. For this reason, this form of financing is ideal for those who need to obtain large sums on short notice.

  3. Present an economically sound guarantor

    There is still a way for the protested parties to get a loan without having to resort to the assignment of the fifth of the salary. The solution is called the guarantor: in fact, the banking and financial institutions are highly motivated in providing a loan to those who present solid economic positions to guarantee the debt. A factor, therefore, that of the guarantor which represents the solution closest to the characteristics of those who are unfamiliar with bills and at the same time, do not want to involve their employer in private economic matters.